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9 Yoga Poses For Better Sleep

Get Better Sleep With These Top Yoga Poses
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9 Benefits of compression wear

9 Benefits of compression wear

  • Increases circulation 
  • Less swelling 
  • Reduces muscle soreness
  • Provide support to muscles 
  • Reduce the skeletal vibration
  • Enhances recovery from injuries
  • Improve performance during athletics
  • Can prevent and reduce the appearance of veins
  • Lowers your risk for blood clots while traveling. Webmd says “ You are three times more likely to have problems with blood clots while flying than at other times. Your risk goes up even higher on longer flights.”
The list of benefits goes on and on. If you haven’t already tried Compression Wear maybe it’s time to get some compression leggings. After all who wants to be at the beach with blotchy legs due to poor circulation. Shop the seamless collection from Centerfold Couture and try some today. 
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