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Get Better Sleep With These Top Yoga Poses

Have Trouble Sleeping? Cant Fall Asleep Or Stay Asleep? Want To Cure Your Insomnia?

Try These 9 Yoga Poses Suggested By A Certified Yoga Instructor For Deep Sleep!

1. Hero pose   2. Childs pose   3. Upward dog   4. Camel pose   5. Butterfly fold   6. Supine twist   7. Bridge   8. Knee to chest   9. Corpse pose   Cant sleep?  Why not try these 9 yoga poses in the evening? You can even do them on your bed. It is suggested that you hold each pose for 2 mins each. Always remember that when doing yoga dont try to over stretch but instead let your body weight and gravity do the work. Just melt into the pose to allow your muscles and body to fully relax. Focus on your breathing and with any restorative yoga practice you want to take slow deep breaths. Imagine when you are exhaling that you are exhaling all the tension from your body and mind and when you are inhaling you are inhaling calming and peaceful energy. By focusing on your breathing you are slowing your mind and allowing yourself to relax more. Try this tonight and leave a comment below.

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